That Kia Guy, Tom Ring is officially Board Certified Crazy!
He is living on a billboard until he sells 200 cars,
so he can raise $25,000 for Miracle League.
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The Miracle League of Northampton serves the greater Northampton County area with a field that is centrally located at the Charles Chrin Community Center complex in Palmer Township and allows children of all ability levels to play side-by-side with their siblings, friends and classmates in a truly integrated recreational facility. The location is easily accessible for residents of Northampton County, Monroe County, upper Bucks County and Warren County, NJ.

The mission of the Miracle League of Northampton County is to: Provide an opportunity for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities to play baseball at a facility that meets the unique needs of the players and their families.

Thousands of children are able to play all kinds of sports in our communities on facilities supported by residents through their tax dollars. We have provided those children in our communities who cannot participate in a sport on a conventional field with a place to play baseball.

Please support this project and continue the journey.